Landskroner, Sweden

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Lokhandwala Township Parks

Lokhandwala Township in Kandivali East, Mumbai is blessed with a lot of greenery and open spaces – there are over ten municipal parks and playgrounds, in a radius of a kilometre. They’re well patronised, by walkers and runners, and others who just want to play or get away from the indoors. Senior citizens in particular, love to congregate at the parks, to catch up with the day’s news.

The outdoor seating and dustbins are more-or-less standardised in all the municipal parks – wooden planked benches, and steel dustbins.

Annabhau Sathe Park
Tukaram Bhaurao Sathe, popularly known as Annabhau Sathe, was a social reformer, communist folk poet, and writer from Maharashtra.

ABS Park gazebo
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Tivoli, Copenhagen

Opened in 1843, Tivoli in Copenhagen, is one of the oldest operating amusement parks in the world. Tivoli gets about 12,500 visitors a day. Not everyone goes on rides, but most would have a snack and drink. So there are many many places to sit and places to put trash.

Tivoli entrance
Many granite benches at the entrance gate
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Okawa River, Japan Mint, Osaka

Public places in Japan are almost free of dustbins. The Japanese generally carry their trash home or drop them in recycling bins at vending machines, railway stations and other designated places. The main reason for the absence of public bins is safety, after the 1995 Sarin gas attacks. Benches though, are aplenty.

Japan Mint, Okawa River, Osaka 1
Metal and wood bench, along the Okawa River, next to the Japan Mint, Osaka
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Tycho Brahe, Hven, Uraniborg

Tycho Brahe, the Danish astronomer of the 16th century had an observatory (Uraniborg) and a castle on the island of Hven, currently located in Sweden. The Tycho Brahe Museum and the adjoining gardens is certainly a place for those interested in ancient astronomy, given that this is where much of what we now know was first observed/ discovered/ suggested.

Tycho-Brahe Museum, Hven, Sweden 30-Apr-2018
The entrance of Tycho Brahe Museum
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About Benches-N-Bins

Benches and Bins. Wherever we go, most often than not, we see them side by side. Roadsides, railway stations, bus stops, gardens, amusement parks, places of worship, tourist attractions. 

The benches provide relief to our tired feet and the bins ensure we have a place to put our rubbish. Together they make public spaces comfortable.

While visiting different parts of India and the world, the variety of bench and bin infrastructure I have seen has been amazing. Wood, metal, plastic, stone, mud, cement. Usually designed to go with the surroundings and circumstances, there are times when they stand out, waiting to be used.  

Roskilder Denmark
Roskilder, Denmark (Apr 2018)

This blog is where I will be sharing the photographs I’ve taken during my travels. I hope this will serve as a resource for those involved in the design of public spaces. Stay tuned and subscribe to get notified when I post new updates.